What’s in CultureListings?

This is a non-profit listing of people, places and groups that are involved in arts and culture.

The initial release is restricted to Utah, with a focus on Park City and Summit County. 

The listings are organized in four directories:


This directory has businesses, non-profit organizations and civic institutions that are involved in arts and culture.


The People directory is oriented to individuals.  Since many artists and performers are independent, this listing shows the person’s name and has options to show their business name and skills.  People can hide their private phone and address, which is very helpful for personal security.

Performing Groups

Artists performing in groups often travel to different venues, so this directory is less oriented to a physical location.  Even if the group has a main rehersal location, you will generally find groups in a region and then go to their website for performance locations and times.

Cultural Groups

The smallest, but arguably most important directory, is Cultural Groups.  CultureListings is dedicated to helping the groups that organize, represent and support the cultural assets of the community, .