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  • Earthly Aesthetics Jewelry

    I am a silversmith living in Kimball Junction. I work with sterling and fine silver and copper as well as beautiful and unique stones. My main techniques include silversmithing, fold forming, electroforming and cutting and shaping my own cabochons. 

  • Happy Dragon Designs

    I began making jewelry in high school, but it wasn’t until I was grown that I actively pursued my passion.  My sister admired a necklace I was wearing and I was off and running. In the process or searching out the stones for it, I was hooked. To feed my habit, Read more [...]

  • Jennifer Prochazka

    As an expressive and fine arts practitioner, teacher and facilitator I specialize in youth and adultart experiences for personal growth, life skills and educational development. I am well versed in non-profit management, organizational collaboration and program planningfrom the ground up: including creative resource administration, curriculum writing and grantmanagement. I am Read more [...]

  • KGEK Design

    All of our products are handmade, one by one, by us (the designers) in our studio in Park City, Utah. We do small runs of each collection, usually consisting of a few items at a time.

  • Lisa Carlson Jewelry

    Established in 1984, the signature Lisa Carlson Jewelry line has set the standard for antique ornamental assemblage jewelry. She is credited with coining the term “Antique Collage Jewelry”as a jewelry medium for juried Art Festivals nationwide.

  • Michael McRae Design

    The nature of my work varies day to day, but almost always involves lines. What I mean by that is how things are connected. How do objects relate to each other. Can chaos be tamed. My background and major portion of my career is photography. That discipline demanded understanding of Read more [...]

  • Midnight Sun Jewelry Creations

    Originally from Colorado, many of Denise’s unique designs are inspired by her love of Mother Nature, life in the west and her relationship with Spirit. Denise’s original jewelry creations are the result of many hours of drawing the concept of her desig

  • Rooted in Stone

    The jewelry-making process is quite time consuming, taking over TWO YEARS to complete! First the roots are dug up, the smaller branches are cut off, the dirt is washed off, and then they are stacked to dry outside in the dry western climate for two years.

  • RSB Design Co

    Primarily using the techniques of lost wax and fabrication, Ron delights in the unpredictable use of traditional materials, including precious metals and stones. Perhaps most importantly, in both his life and his work, Ron strives to balance the precious

  • Wythe Art Studio

    Henry Wythe is a jeweler based in Park City, Utah, with diverse artistic interests including geology, photography, drawing and jewelry.  ‘I find the raw rough rock in the desert, cut the gems, and fabricate the jewelry in whatever shape the stone demands.’